Hello world!

Welcome to NY Coin Market, NYC Classifieds.

A place to trade goods and services for NYC.

This is a FREE community that does not require users to pay for listing.  We do not take payments and do not facilitate the trade.


P2P DECENTRALIZED market  place  where the USERS set their own term and facilitate the trade.


Please register  and enjoy trading!

Keep your information safe and your wallets safer.  Make sure you are trading what is agreed upon.

Admin will NEVER ask for your wallet info, do not send your WALLET.dat file to anyone EVER!

Users that Abuse the community will be banned and reported to their local authorities.

Thank your for your contribution.

Free Community, Donate NYC to keep it growing, THANK YOU!

As a user feel free to email nycoinmarket@gmail.com with any suggestions  for improvement, we are open to your vision and want to hear about your experience.

Thank you, you’re awesome!


Please describe your product or service to your best ability.  Do not try to sell pictures of things as the actual item or you will BE BANNED, this is a safe environment for HONEST traders ONLY.

When posting a service please include how much NYC you would like  for the service provided. Either as a whole or per hour depending on the service listed.

Try to keep it short and simple.  Confusing or manipulating posts will be REMOVED and the USER WILL BE BANNED.